About us






Who we are ?


  • DOWA is an integrated service providing customers with pharmaceutical and healthcare products without the need to go to the pharmacy.
  • DOWA is the first online, high quality pharmaceutical service in the Middle East. 
  • DOWA provides valuable online healthcare information in addition to specialised delivery services.  


What is special in DOWA?

  • DOWA aims to save its customer’s time and effort 
  • DOWA guarantees the privacy of its customers (no detailed data from customers is required) 
  • DOWA provides competitive prices (the price of medicines is set in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines)  
  • DOWA provides its customers easy access to a wide range of pharmaceutical products 
  • DOWA serves all the different governorates and areas within Kuwait 

How does it work?

Simply place your order online through Dowa and it will be delivered to your doorstep wherever you are.